Before joining the Northeast Men's Health team, Jared worked in a community emergency department for six years. He found the Northeast Men's Health practices to be a welcoming environment that encourages working as a team and feels confident that he can now help thousands of men without the interference of insurance companies. 

Jared is continually learning more about the latest breakthroughs in men’s sexual health, implementing those treatments at Northeast Men's Health, and setting the standard for excellence in the field. He encourages men to reach out to a Northeast Men's Health practice near them to receive the most current treatment methods available and the best care in the industry.

Jared received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Rhode Island and a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from MCPHS University.

Jared is an established partner with Northeast Men's Health, but even more than that, he is a people-person. Since joining the Northeast Men's Health team, he has been developing and supporting staff to more efficiently and effectively get men the help they deserve. With roughly 20 years’ experience in both human and animal pharmaceuticals, along with expertise in sales, marketing, and operations, Jared has spent years building teams through effective hiring and coaching to create an ideal working culture and get the most out of every individual.

After seeing the great work Northeast Men's Health provides for their patients, it was a no brainer for Jared to join. He wanted to join a company that had the integrity, ethics, and skill set to aid thousands of men, all while working with a great leadership team made up with friends he could trust.

Jared believes that Northeast Men's Health is changing the narrative behind men’s health. It is a topic that has typically been silenced, but he wants men to seek help regarding their sexual health issues. Jared believes that men shouldn’t have to sacrifice the things they enjoy doing, including sex, through all stages of life.

Jared received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from East Stroudsburg University.

Dale has over 30 years experience in the in-vitro diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare industries, leading numerous teams in both growing existing categories as well as introducing new product offerings. Indeed, a significant area of Dale’s career has been dedicated to launching new products globally, increasing share in market-leading brands, and driving substantial market expansion in his capacity as an executive for several major pharmaceutical companies.

Dale felt drawn to the idea that he could positively impact men’s lives in the men’s sexual health profession, leading to the opening of Northeast Men's Health in 2017. Since then, Northeast Men’s Health has grown from one office in Salem to a number of offices serving men across the greater Boston Area.

Though he has done much in the medical field, Dale believes the establishment of these high-performing men’s sexual health practices in the Northeast to be the greatest accomplishment of his professional career. To date, Northeast Men’s Health has served thousands of men with treatments for a variety of sexual health issues, advanced the already-successful model to help improve all Promeniq Partner Practices, while simultaneously establishing a highly-fulfilling work environment for his staff.

Dale’s primary goal is to build trust with his patients and have them see all Promeniq affiliated practices as a safe place to be open and honest about some of their most private issues. He is also passionate about de-stigmatizing the narrative around men’s sexual health, and is actively combating these stereotypes through his Promeniq offices in the Northeast. By delivering outstanding medical outcomes and treating patients with dignity, respect, and the best care they can provide, Dale believes Northeast Men's Health is fully equipped to change men’s lives for years to come. 

Dale attended Southern New Hampshire University, where he received a B.S. in Marketing. He then went on to acquire an MBA at the University of New Hampshire, Whittemore School of Business

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