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How do I access the patient portal?

The patient portal can be accessed by clicking the “Patient Portal” option in the navigation menu.

What is this patient portal used for?

Your patient profile displays your current mailing address, upcoming and previous appointments. It also gives you the ability to take a survey of your visit to help us understand how we can ensure a 5-star experience. And lastly, if you need to get in contact directly with your provider, you can fill out the form above and they will be able to reach out regarding your needs as soon as possible.

How can I ask my provider a question?

In the patient portal, the first tab is a communication tab that you can use to email the clinic with questions. Input your information and we will respond within 24 business hours. 

How do I reorder my medication?

If you need to request a change in dose, send us a request through the messaging form above. We will send you the forms that you need to get a dose-adjustment and it will be sent to your patient portal. You can also call in to the clinic and give our staff the same information that is on the form and they can take care of those for you.

How do I request a refill of my medication?

In the patient portal, click the “Prescriptions” button on the top of the page. You’ll then click “Request Refill” for your active prescription that you need refilled. Your order will be processed and will arrive at the clinic within 5-7 business days. Note that you will receive a call when your refill is ready for pick-up.

Am I able to review my lab results?

Yes. Your lab results will be available for review in the portal as soon as the provider reviews and signs off on them. This is on average 2-3 business days after you have your blood drawn.

Can I complete my intake paperwork here?

Yes, you can complete your paperwork in the patient portal. Save time and complete your paperwork in advance of your visit!

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